Life at Stir

We treat culture as our leading product.

Our values are the backbone of everything we do.


Dream big

Our promise to each other is to lead with originality and creativity. We have big goals, and we work toward them with fearless energy and passion. We always make time for big thinking and reflection. You will never do boring work at Stir, because “great” is never good enough.


Ownership mindset

With a bias for action, we take pride in our work and our results. We cultivate trust with our creators and with one another. We communicate with transparency, operate with integrity, and treat everyone as a valued leader and parter. If you work at Stir, it is your company just as much as it is anyone else's.


High velocity

We believe quality and speed are not a binary choice. We ship work early, welcome feedback, fail fast, and iterate. We never stop experimenting. Stir fosters an environment where we are constantly learning and trying new things.


Empathy always

From creators to partners to colleagues - we default to respect. We ask thoughtful questions and make time to talk. We offer a hand. Or two. Family comes first at Stir, and we always, always embrace the responsibilities we have to our loved ones. Above all, we know we only succeed when our creators succeed.


Grit to grow

We seek out the hardest problems that have the most impact. Naturally, we won't get everything right — When we get it wrong, we'll admit and learn why. Non-complacency and the will to learn is what powers us to accomplish amazing things.

Cultivating a culture for extraordinary builders

We're on a mission to grow the creator economy. Our 
customers trust us to help them run their businesses, and we work tirelessly to build great products that do just that.

Learn more about engineering at Stir

Hari Anbarasu, Product Engineer

For me, it was as simple as building a product that I desperately wanted to see in the world with people that I believed I could have lifelong friendships with.

Dedicated to creativity, diversity, and inclusion

We're committed to having a diverse and inclusive team at Stir and fostering an environment where you bring your authentic self to work every day. Our customers are an incredibly diverse group — from famous YouTuber's with millions of followers, to a group of friends that host a podcast, to parents that run a recipe blog.

We won’t be able to fulfill our vision if our team looks and thinks the same.

Joylyn Yang, Product Design Lead

As a designer, the team I collaborate with must be as diverse in lived experience as the people we serve. It's a value I set high standards for.

Perks. Investments in your wellness and growth

We don’t like the word “perk”. Working at Stir is a partnership, and we’re commited to you through real investments that you’ll actually use.


Top tier health, dental & vision insurance; Mental health days; Oura ring; $100/month exercise stipend


Competitive salary and equity; In-depth offer breakdown & education; 401(k) plan


2 weeks minimum vacation per year; Top-of-the-line equipment for home office; No meeting Wednesdays


$2,000/year for coaches, mentors & courses; Biannual company growth-focused retreats


$200/month family (and pets!) care stipend; Flexible work schedule; 10-weeks paid parental leave


$50/month stipend to support creators; $50/month stipend for content creation software